Origins of the Fairy on Top of the Christmas Tree

Stressed SantaFather Christmas was not in a very good frame of mind – in fact he was very depressed and irritable.

That morning, after breakfast, Mrs Clause had told him that her Mother was coming over to stay, ‘for a few days’ and he knew that would be for several weeks, and as Christmas was approaching her visit was the last thing that he wanted.

Santa's ElvesThe Elves had been playing up and had gone on strike for more pay. The replacement trainee elves Santa had put in, were much slower and the number of toys that had been made was way down. More stress for Santa.

When Father Christmas went to visit his Reindeers, he found that two of them were pregnant and another two had kicked down the fence and had disappeared into the forest. He was, by now even more depressed and even more stressed.  Could it get worse?

What I need is a stiff drink, he thought, but upon going indoors he found that the elves had hidden his Whisky and there was nothing left to drink in his liquour cabinet. Deciding upon a coffee he went into the kitchen but managed to drop the Jar of Coffee all over the floor, scattering glass and coffee everywhere.  Now he was seriously cheesed off!Angry Santa (2)

He went to fetch the broom to sweep up the mess but found that the mice had chewed off all the bristles.  At that moment there was a knock at the front door.

Christmas tree angel - "Ouch!"Upon opening it, Father Christmas was confronted by a beautiful Fairy holding a lovely Christmas Tree.  “Good Morning, Santa” she called “Isn’t it a really lovely day. I have bought you this beautiful tree, isn’t it lovely? Where would you like me to stick it?”

And that is why, by tradition we have a Fairy sitting on top of our Christmas Trees.

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